Taxidermy For Sale

If you are interested in purchasing any of our taxidermy please contact Steve Jandreau at (207) 435-7908. Note that the pricing listed does not include shipping.

grouse $420

Partridge for sale grouse for sale wall mt with tail fanned out

Grouse Mount For Sale $650

Flying grouse against birch bark framed with weathered wood for sale. Also referred to as a partridge.

Grouse Taxidermy Mount For Sale $420

Northern Maine flying grouse mount for sale.

Maine Bobcat Taxidermy For Sale - $1,600.00

Moose Head Mount For Sale - $3,500.00


This Maine moose shoulder mount has a 50" spread and the antlers are detachable.

Maine Bobcat Taxidermy For Sale - $1,600.00


Full size Maine bobcat taxidermy sitting on tree branch for sale.