Wildlife & Antler Artistry

Wildlife & Antler Artistry is owned and operated by Steve Jandreau, a Maine native, dedicated to art through wildlife preservation. Steve is a licensed taxidermist offering taxidermy service in his full-service shop located in Portage, Maine. From small animals to big game, Steve pays attention to the smallest of details creating a masterpiece trophy to last a lifetime. 35 years of knowledge and experience result in amazing life like animals! Hunters from around the world have used his services and it is humbling to know he's preserved their memories for a lifetime.

Deer Antler Décor

Steve expanded Wildlife Artistry with his deer antler Decor division known as Antler Artistry. His deer antler decor includes beautiful chandeliers, floor lamps, table lamps and wine holders. Unlike cast antlers, his decor uses real deer antlers found on the forest floor, giving each custom creation its own unique look. All the wiring on the chandeliers and lights is internal. Stock items are for sale and we welcome custom orders to fit your antler decor needs. Bring Maine to your home, camp or business with antler decor made out of 100% deer antlers!